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Writing for the sake of it (published as Party Bard in Canada) is the not-well-known memoir of William Shakespeare. The book included several surprising revelations by the famous English writer, such as the fact he had suffered from a blocked nose since childhood, had never cut his toenails in his entire life, and was one of the founding members of Al-Qaeda.

Process[edit | edit source]

After writing Troilus and Cressida, Shakespeare expressed in an interview with the Daily Day newspaper that he was "bored of all that writing shit, y'know what I'm saying" and was planning to release something "that shows the comet behind the sonnets". The news was received with a mix of intense excitement and nauseating dread, with suspicions raised by some that the bard had "possibly dumbed-down a little bit".

The entire autobiography took just 26 minutes for 'The Spear' (as he had began to call himself) to write, and was published by Ye Puffine Bookes the next day. A play adaptation of the memoir began showing in London soon afterwards, although the running time was cut short by a few days after an unexplained suicide bombing.

Critical reaction[edit | edit source]

The reception to Shake 'n' Spear's (another one of his nicknames) book was one of both bewilderment and glee. A religious movement, named the 'The Holy Church of our Saviour Shakespeare', was established based on the apparent teachings of the book, though it was disbanded three years later after concerns about extremism within the church.

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