A possible threat to you

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A terrible threat to you - !

Have you ever seen that luffare who's staring at you? Yeah! He got something cooking... What's that smell???

TROUBLE!!![edit | edit source]

You're in a trouble spot... AAAAaahh the smell is not advantageous to your apparatus... The luffare maybe a possible threat to you! He could very well be the end off ya! He'll tear ya a new A, rub his beard against your back and build a lot of evil geeks. They will destroy your garden, defile your cat, kick in your door and make strange love to your G436:00010010 piece.

Feel thaaahh poowaaahh! Use the force against him! It is time to start to listen to the voices and the mumbling in your head. Load the Milkor MGL and take out that rage on the bus timetable. Destroy the daliy habits of the threat by buildning something. The threat will become curious and start to wonder: What's he buildning in there? Is that poison gas i smell? What's that sound? gurgle... There's a gleaming light from beyond the door! I don't want to meet them! Why are they so mean to me? Are you still reading? Hide be afraid... HiiiDe hIIdE HiieEHEHEHEEEHMOAHAHAHAa?! heheh no, nuuuuwww I don't need any pillz... nope done with that... myeaass nooo aagahahah?!