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Because truly, vast bottlenecks emerge from paste inside of your hard drives. Why is this? Tons of nose, certainly. It's all in the nose, in the sneezing. Do carrotify further, because vast meeps will emerge from a banana. Inside of your hard drives. And then you will have to replace them, because whatever you did to them that made them meep can't have been good for their health. In fact, it should be criminalized! No one should ever be allowed to force their innocent hard drives to meep. Never! What kind of sick person would allow that? Eight? Eight people would allow that?


For the evil crimes of hard drive meepers must not go unpunished! They shall pay for every meep they have induced in the pure, innocent hard drives they have so savagely violated!

Truly, tea is fantastic. Especially that which emerge from vast bottlenecks formed from hard drive paste. It has that delicious lemon fish hair flavor that we all love so dearly! Yummy!