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Not him.

Ben Gleck is a misinformed idiot who is in no way related to Glenn Beck. He uses a whiteboard to draw crap and has absolutely no idea what truth is. Even Billo knows what it is. He sucks eggs and has absolutely no meaning in modern civilization. Gleck was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and WikiLeaks and did crap. Eh? Oh no, he's attacking the computer! HELP! It ain’t right!

He has the Ben Gleck Program on every day on Faux News, and a wadio show! He owns Ben Gleck University, where NAMBLA teaches courses on proper conduct in society. This is so because Gleck made it so. He has quite a bit less intelligence than his unrelated cousin Glenn and often they are mixed up for some unapparent reason. Gleck is incapable of reason! Seriously, this guy is a complete idiot.

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