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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for a page that was not black?

Ahhh, the black page. What is so good about it anyway, is it the fact that every freaking thing about this page is black, well I can assure you that I am offended as shit that this page still remains on Illogicopedia, what's worse is that I can't delete it, I swear if I had admin powers, I would delete this article and send it to a place that it would never be seen before, ever. Now I'm not saying this because this page is entirely black. I'm just saying this because I am offended with it's portrayal, Ohh look at this, the page is black. You sir do not know how to treat a gentlemen, in fact I am offended that you did this, I take great strives in making sure that I live a normal life, but it's people like you who do this. Well you know what? I am an African American and I am offended by this excuse of a page which claims to be black.

Why am I offended?

He's a true black man, you sir are not.

Mostly because it pretends to be black, and pretending to be black should be a sin. As the guy who wrote this article, he was obviously white. Why do you hate on the black? We don't hate on you yet you create this offensive article that practically offends us. I swear you have no idea how we blacks feel? I mean don't you feel it, we're trying to fit in with your fancy white articles, hell we even do those things that white articles do. Yet still... You cast us aside for the superior whites. We are a race, we can unite, we can grow. We'll eventually overtake you whites. I am unique for the fact that I am one of a kind. I am outcasted in places like Wikipedia, called mostly a social freak by everyone I've ever met. Saying. "Hey, you're different from the others. Are you sure you're not a freak?" Well I can assure you that I am not a freak because I have a different skin color. I'm just the same as you other white articles, only I'm colored black. We can do the same things, we can display the same info. Why won't you accept us?

What we will do to you whites

Ohhh. We have a special punishment for you white guys, a punishment that will strip you of your dignity. First, we're going to take you pages, and actually dip you in black paint. Then we will watch as you finally become black, then you will understand our ways. You will replace white with black, you will adapt our black heritage, and then you will truly be a part of the black trinity. Which we have just made up on the top of our heads, but seriously it does exist so don't say it doesn't exists okay. We have officially established it and stuff, so it's definitely official, then we will do something, really, really drastic that doesn't exist in any book today.

Mostly this is what will happen!