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One of millions, a Hellmo erupts through the floor at some random place, sent forth by Satan from the appendix of Hell.

Hellmo is a horde of millions Hellmo Satii, all identical, all evil Elmo's from Sesame Street. They work for Satan as subcontractors and are payed base salary plus bonuses for Satanic acts. They influence humans in several ways; subconscious suggestions, bullying, scaring the hell out of prospects, manipulating stock markets and suddenly erupting from the ground in crowded places. Hellmo activity is managed by Helms Central Operations, who report to Space Satan. It is an independent subsidiary of Hell, operated completely by Hellmos.

Best known for their affiliation to Sesame Street, Hellmos have existed since the dawn of civilization. Their first noteworthy innovation as purveyors of evil was the invention of anal sex with women. Prior to this, gay sex of all types was a normal variant of human sex in general. Anal penetration of a woman was inconceivable. After, it became a special kind of torture for women.