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The stuttering gust of wind is famous for being flatulent called "Ernest" and "Leslie" (pronounced 'Lest lee' in a very camp voice) - lie during quality time with its cow. In Ergust people are known to do nothing and have a gelotine like feeling, this turns to water for advice.

In Illogiland, the people drink the ceremonial banana juice and raise a toast to the mighty penguin. The rulers burn toast for 24 hours on the 1st of the month before feeding the remains to the Computer God. For this reason, Ergust is known as the month of the toasters amongst the Illogi community.

Months of the Sane Moon:
Jeremy | Farbleum | Arche | Arply | Aym | Yoon | Jumbly

Ergust | Serpeniver | Octodest | Novelniver | Ditzimber