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This is the foist article writing competition for the Bowl of Steam Award, hosted and judged by Deckstera Symphora.

The winner of this competition will receive great honour, as well as a bowl of steam to proudly showcase inside a chrome-glass template on their userspace.

There also will be a highly commended runner-up category, the winner of which will be given this very nice coil of rope, as a token of our service.

Entries will be taken for the next month — that is, until Octo(o)ber 24 (Halloween? We're not that edgy)

Stuff you gotta do[edit]

  • The running theme for BoSA entry articles is short term memory loss. Because trying to deal with people is a hell of a lot funnier when they don't know what they're doing.
  • The article should contain the following:

– Any amount of random animals, domesticated regardless of type, as formulated by the random animal generator

– Names to be assigned to these animals, provided by the random name generator (first names will do)

– Between three and six items from the random item generator.

  • Articles submitted to the contest should be marked with the {{steamentry}} template, shown here.
This article could be on its way to becoming a bowl of steam.
Don't eat it; you might burn yourself, or maybe even Milty.

~Creativity~ is encouraged. This should go without saying and implies that you must find an interesting way to use whatever the generator has provided you with, first time, no excuses. I'll be primarily judging the articles on how humorous and original their contents are, as well as how they utilise the theme provided.


Place the link to your article below here, preceded by a bullet (asterisk/*) and followed by your signature (as well as your order, please):

I'm not participating. I don't like teh competitions. The Supreme Leader XY --- Free Cake! 22:14, 24 Serpeniver 2015 (UTC)
Well this is at least based on article quality and not specific user preference. Decks.png ~ Good tidings! ~ 02:18, 25 Serpeniver 2015 (UTC)
I am. --(BKYE) Her Majesty, Queen Sophia III of UncycLand (babble)