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Cheese, to those of us who know, is one of the most delicious substances known to man. There are cheeses ranging in flavor to such a degree, that it is not unusual for one to love one domain of cheeses, and hate with acrimony equal to or surpassing said love for another domain of types. For some, it is the perfect food. Others abstain for fear of clogged arteries.

Most importantly, cheese is oft mentioned here at our womb of the world, Illogicopedia. Well, maybe not womb. Anyway, cheese gets a lot of attention here, and it seems even more of late. Bananas too, of course.

As a self-diagnosed ADD type (no offense to those diagnosed or otherwise), my perception is that we have been entirely too long without a new meme. Something which may be funny on its own in some circumstances, perhaps. More importantly, I feel we need something which is easily incorporated into oxymorons, something weird or odd if used in many situations.

Didgeridoo just popped into my brainpan, uninvited. In English, it's a somewhat funny sounding word, makes interesting sounds, could be used as a weapon, whittled into a philips head screwdriver, etc. On the other hand, some might construe the appropriation of such an icon as insulting to its cultural owners. You see the quandary I've set up.

So, I am asking for suggestions, icons worthy of our stature among wikis that might transcend the levels of illogic achieved thus far in our endeavors. I say, let us stand on the shoulders of giants, bananas and cheeses among them, that we might achieve victory over the enemies of silliness, you know... those people, and crush enlighten those who have not yet embraced the mantle of illogic. Ideas? LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 04:03, 23 Aym 2015 (UTC)

Not womb. Of course not. What is the womb of the world? Anyway cheese in cool. Didgeridoo-doo-doo. XY007talkcontributions 04:33, 23 Aym 2015 (UTC)
There is one thag came to my mind, but... it woukd need a lotta imporovement. Maybe we could do... Snarf? If not, maybe your dog Frunobulax? Until then, Synanim1.gif Twoandtwoalwaysmakesafive Synanim1.gif (Break my front door down.) Synanim1.gif 04:36, 23 Aym 2015 (UTC)
Forum:Speaking of freshmen... XY007talkcontributions 04:38, 23 Aym 2015 (UTC)

Hm... beanburgers? Bean loaf? Are bananas not just crooked cucumbers? How do you spell 'McGillicutty'? Decks.png ~ Good tidings! ~ 05:28, 23 Aym 2015 (UTC)

Beans are an oft-ignored, musical fruit. I would certainly consider them in the running if they were backed by some sort of awesome vision of the future. Like the Berlin Speer never got to build. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 06:01, 23 Aym 2015 (UTC)
Au define, my friend. Au salade. XY007talkcontributions 05:29, 23 Aym 2015 (UTC)

Snarfish onomatopoeia[edit]

Fromage? I mean for sure? There was a lot of banana cheese there. I mean, for sure there was. So he started rapping in History class: Omelette! Omelette! Omelette! Omelette! Du baguette! Du baguette! Du baguette! Du baguette! Aux fromage! Aux fromage! Aux fromage! Aux fromage! L'affrontage! L'affrontage! L'affrontage! L'affrontage! XY007talkcontributions 02:55, 25 Aym 2015 (UTC)

I reject poeia of any sort. As relates to cheese. Watch this; I will write a limerick about cheese...

There once was a man who ate brie,
Went to church, got down on one knee,
Made the sign of the cross,
Then a horrible moss
Bought a bible written in Cree.

See? That's awful! We've run out of stored pascals delineated for cheeses. None of this is classified. None simulated. If not didgeridoos, then didgeri-don'ts? LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 03:32, 25 Aym 2015 (UTC)
There once was a man made of cheddar,
Who said 'parmesan would be better'
So he went to a den
To buy a new pen
And also a new forum header!

XY007talkcontributions 03:56, 25 Aym 2015 (UTC) Sonk.

There once was a man who ate Stilton,
Then stayed at the hotel Hilton,
He could watch minks play,
And sleep for all day,
But he decided to eat some Stilton!
There once was a man who ate Colby,
Then walked down into central Molby,
Then stung by a mole,
And thrown down a hole,
It was all because he ate Colby!
There once was a bible in Cree,
That sat in a big library,
Constantly it sought
Until it was bought
By a big old man who ate brie!

Ha ha ha! XY007talkcontributions 08:49, 25 Aym 2015 (UTC)

Truly awful. I approve. Larch. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 11:39, 29 Aym 2015 (UTC)


Omelette omelette omelette omelette! 03:16, 10 Yoon 2015 (UTC)

I thought of another possible candidate. The word 'uvula'. It sounds vaguely weird, relates to a part of the body not often discussed, and has article potential. XY007talkcontributions 04:14, 8 Ergust 2015 (UTC)
Uvula is a wonderful word. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 04:57, 8 Ergust 2015 (UTC)
Thanks. XY007talkcontributions 05:17, 8 Ergust 2015 (UTC)