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this filth was hidden by integrating it into the infrastructure of these three pieces of Dada art. Using extract of chameleon juice, obtained by running chameleons through an olive press, the artist was able to mollify the gods of camouflage.

Geheimeschmutz is a German word meaning "hidden filth". I first heard the word in 1977, listening to "Sofa No. 2' on Frank Zappa's "One Size Fits All"a album, a pseudo-operatic tune sung in English and badly-accented German. Symptoms include pink eye, somnambulance, a regular ambulance, haberdasher's knuckles, lice, evil grimace and sudden onset obesity.

When Vergil came over, he sat on the middle cushion of the couch, as usual. He plopped himself down and the cushion made that farting noise, as usual. He was drunk with a lack of power. He was wasted on Kahlua and Bailey's milk shakes, as usual. He began to regale us with his exploits, something about tacos and cow tipping.

Cindy paid him no mind, intent on her fried noodles. She thought about the ontological argument for the existence of God.

Abel wondered about lumpy gravy and Moby Dick. He'd read them both.

Wanton tauntaun wonton[edit | edit source]

A solitary gyoza sat in its plate, a few drops of sauce on and surrounding it. For centuries it was believed that Asian recipes were antithetical to the meat of the snow lizard, until Manny Sosa created the first nam prik long with pork and tauntaun. The meat of the male tauntaun is tough and bitter. Saturated with hallucinogenic hormonal precursors, it combines with gall secretions to produce intense visual and auditory hallucunations. The flesh of the female is even tougher and more bitter, with no side effect of tripping balls. Hippies cure and marinate males whole in vats of vinegar, molasses and habanero peppers, and serve it in heavily spiced dishes. It's very popular at Roe vs. Wade raves and degenerate baby showers.

Three times a year (a year on Hoth is 397 earth days) female tauntaun go into estrus,when she undergoes a startling metamphosis. This process is too disgusting to discuss here, for the both of us. Trust me on this.

Kinetic frump decimates lapidary 1nstincts in men over 60[edit | edit source]

On a gorgeous Spring day in 1987, a mealy mouthed crotch pheasant named Mona Nucleosis declared herself a Satanist.