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Camdyn Robertson (a nerd)[Original Bullshit] thinks that this article may meet Wikipedia's criteria for Speedy deletion as it is a blatant hoax.”

~ Wikipedia when they see an article of every company by Illogicopedia[Original Bullshit]

A hoax is... THIS PAGE!!!

The Pikwik Pickles[edit | edit source]

“WTF is this?!”

Seems like this article was too nonsensical for the Simple English Wikipedia, so it would be perfect for here, I guess, lol

The Pikwik Pickles is a spinoff of Pikwik Pack created by Your mom, who's name is Dr. Ant to Knee A Johnson.

Numberjacks (French TV Series)[edit | edit source]

It was created by Illogicopedia user Daula Peen in 235531135 AD, when What's f**king with Paula Deen got it's 15 billionth season.[Original Bullshit]

[Oh, look, 2 my lil' graarg chilihc!][citation needed][needs more proof, dude] [needs more proof, dude] [Original Bullshit][Original Bullshit][Original Bullshit][Original Bullshit][citation needed][citation needed][citation needed][citation needed]

Fact: This page, which was created by Your mom,[Original Bullshit] is protected by the nerds to prevent further recreation, I guess.