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“This article may meet Wikipedia's criteria for speedy deletion, according to Operator873.”

~ Wikipedia on nonsense

Speedy deletion is yet another way of discouraging potentially useful contributors to Wikipedia from speaking the truth. A page may be referred to as nonsense, vandalism, no context, or a wide range of similar reasons that when you really look at them, and I mean look with actual furry eyes and purple bendy spoons, are totally illogical. In fact, a page on this very subject was speedily deleted multiple times, and this page itself will probably be deleted as well, because it is true.

This is just one of the many reasons why Wikipedia sucks. But, sadly, this infection has spread to other wikis as well, including Uncyclopedia and this one you're looking at right now. Many pages only survive only a few days before they turn into red links, links that bleed into the wiki and are really nothing more than a sign of how small it is now that part of it has been cut off. Cut off when it still had feeling, yelling in its tiny, pitiful voice the whole way but never heard.

And if you try to bring the dead links back to life like Jesus, you might just go to the same place they went - behind the wall, locked in with a key you don't have, and will probably never have.