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Watch out for penguins and insane cuckoos.

The Illogiblog is Illogicopedia in weblog form. Sonk. It is maintained by a crack team of ?pedia users that aim to provide you with the latest nonsense and general crap that's going on in Illogiland. So, get your butt down there and take a look!

The IllogiBlog team[edit | edit source]

  • Ben, internets correspondent

Be a contributor![edit | edit source]

Join the revolution at the IllogiBlog!

To apply for editorship, drop Myra a line here.

Suggest/write a story[edit | edit source]

The Illogiblog covers all aspects of Illogicopedian culture, including:

  • Latest news - covers major site changes, hosting issues, new features etc.
  • Classic articles - Some of the best Illogicopedia unfeatured content from the past.
  • Illogicopedia in the media - Illogicopedia press coverage from the 'real world'. Part of the ongoing saga to get Illogicopedia an article on Wikipedia. Note: if you're thinking of doing that, don't you fool.
  • Featured websites - users' web pages that aren't MySpace or personal ego trips.
  • Many other features, including Illogicopedia questions, Asema's column and general POV rants.

Got something worth writing about? Contact Myra here.

Latest from the 'blog[edit | edit source]

12 Years of Illogicopedia

Forged in the Golden Age of Humour Wikis, Illogicopedia remains at the forefront of Internet nonsense some twelve years later.

Back in 2005, Wikipedia jettisoned its humorous content to the Uncyclopedia, a shameless parody of the original free encyclopedia.

This in turn spawned Illogicopedia, which was first established at Wikia Scratchpad in late 2006. And just as Uncyc was born out of content restriction, Illogicopedia heralded a new dawn in inclusionism with its generous acceptance policy.

So it remains to this day - deletion is reserved for the very worst offenders. Even spam is salvaged, re-grilled and served with chopped bananas in the after dinner 'Nose Collection'. 

While the aforementioned Golden Age passed some years ago, Illogicopedia powers ahead into a new era. An era free of drama and destructive vandalism. An era that will usher in hologram television, personal hover boards and the Ultimate Sandwich.

Until they inevitably arrive, our newly-established Discord server will satiate our desire for conversation, providing the glue to keep Illogicopedia rolling through vandal attacks and server outages.

Aid Epoc Igolli! Acid Pile Igloo! Ideological Pi!
— (Harry Yack) 2019-01-11 15:13:00

More stories[edit | edit source]

Illogic HQ's newest ordinateur ready for blogging action.

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