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  Huge bob has attained 3 stars.   Shoot the runner! Illogic's resident artist dude. That cow gave me a dirty look! 


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why I don't agree with this "see also" thing[edit | edit source]

It makes the reader actually think he's got a life.

did you knoes[edit | edit source]

  • ... That if you press the "feeling lucky" button on goggle enough times you'll end up dead?
  • ... That the muffin man is neither a man nor a muffin but an obese fatso who likes muffins?
  • ... That nothing will be the same again 2 seconds from now?
  • ... That Lucozade is actually diluted lemonade?
  • ... That dishes are mostly served cold in Antarctica?
  • ... That during the blitz people put potatoes on the streets to make chips?
  • ... That the only thing to fear is beer itself?
  • ... That president Obama is actually a blacked up white man?
  • ... That a baseball cap worn sideways makes you look like a twatt?
  • ... That LORD BAHOPERK is disguised as France today?