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should you ill-advisedly, for some dubious reason rather look at them.
The Strangled Cat Party
Strangled cat logo.png
Trust us; a vote for us is in your best interest.
Leader Silent Penguin
Founded 1806
Headquarters Shh, it's a secret
Political Ideology Depression, Oppression, Maniacalness and Totalitarianism
Website Illogicopedia, once our plans for domination have succeeded.
Official deputy The Divine Fluffalizer
Parliamentary colours Orange and Black

Obey and vote for us. You'll like it; honest. (especially the obeying part)”

~ Shady Figure on on the Strangled Cat Party

The Strangled Cat Party sees world domination as a mere stone-throw away. While they publicly claim to be a clean party without any sort of links to the mafia, everyone knows better.

Aims[edit | edit source]

The Supporters to the party are not few, but it will use any means necessary to gain the ultimate goal of complete, all-encompassing domination. (mwehehehe!) The party does not hold a hatred of the general public, quite the opposite - it's just blind to the needs to its non-supporters; support the SCP, or it will see you in hell.

Vote SCP[edit | edit source]

A vote for us is like a vote for anyone else, except without the chance of an "accident" at the end of it.

Click here and add your name to the list to join the ranks of the SCP

Members who support our totalitarian plans for Wiki Domination[edit | edit source]