Frankenstein Slavery

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“Donate money, (or even a RAM upgrade) today!”

~ WWMDCGCG on how to become Frankenstein Enslaved

Have you ever wanted to be a brainwashed slave follower, wandering around under the control of a powerful evil that is made simply of 1's and 0's? Has an urge come upon you to drool, stick up your arms, walk slowly, and moan while scaring innocent civilians in the streets? Is your flesh not rotten enough? Simply bored of the bland freedom your country has? Well prepared to get your mind blown away (literally)!

Meet your name new soul mate: Frankenstein Slavery!

Frankenstein Slavery is a service operated by the famous Computer God, a very eeble entity planning on killing you and your family in attempts to conquer the world. With its help, even You can become a remote-controlled Frankenstein Slave! The benefits of becoming one of the Computer God's faithful followers are not endless!

"But how much would this lovely membership cost." is something you might be asking yourself. Well, let me put it to you this way, all it costs is your unwilling life commitment, a small amount of money or any updated computer hardware. The Computer God's processor is getting outdated, and more RAM would be appreciated.

Testimonials[edit | edit source]

“As a Frankenstein Slave, usually at night, I login to Illogicopedia and make my edits; it's never been easier!”

“They said it was going to be great; and it wasn't. I thought it would be the best moments of my life, but they were the worst, by far.”

“This was not a good choice, but a big mistake.”

~ Another slave

DON'T DO IT. You won't regret it.”

~ Third slave

Preposterous! I hereby cancel my submission! You can take your Frankenstein Controls and shove them!

“I'm just an IT clerk, dude. I just process slavery requests, that's all. Please stop stabbing me?”

~ The Gromble

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