Joe Jesus Jr.

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Jesus multiplies the cats. Later, He does the same with loaves and fishes.

Joseph "Jesus'" Jesus the second, or "Junior", was the fourth son and chosen scion of the notorious Jesus family fortune and tire fire empire. Known for His random acts, multiplying things, suffering, living in Egypt and being descended from King David[1] In fact, Junior was wholly responsible for the entire cat meme internet phenomena in all it's forms. He didn't learn that from His Daddy.

Raised Catholic in Boise, Idaho by staunch archetypes straight out of Milton, the junior Jesus spoke Ladina as a first language. In his head, he spoke 32 languages, alternating by lunar month and distance from egrets. Partial approximation of His holy acts have been simulated by syphilitec computing machines of great variance and brine. Even lion fish will eat it, when nothing moving is available. So, we find ourselves at the shores of the Red Sea. Nobody around, except a few dolphins popping in for a pastry.

Subsequent to His Father's demise, Jesus the Younger opened a silent film theatre in New York City, catering primarily to the bridge and tunnel crowd. It was often confused for an emergency trauma center, and gained notoriety when 4 entire rugby teams died there as a result of being dropped off in dire need of medical attention following a collision with the world's largest submarine sandwich.

  1. .The legendary Hebrew King David himself was related to himself, by way of prescription medications. Further evidence of his declining mental faculties manifested itself in his habit of launching biplanes from a trebuchet. He emigrated to Bucharest under the name Clenesta and spend his last 39 years performing voodoo car exhaust repair and installation.

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