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A Nuckelfläschchen is a dummy bottle, a German phrase used as a compliment among dock workers and philosophy professors. Their moms know what they did. At the moment, I'm loopy from lack of sleep and having Adult Swim on the tele. Remarks from surly Congressmen sharing a lunch of cashews and antlers swim in the less effervescent cavities of my mind; which I am out of, thank you very much. Space is at a premium here, and we're not about to go all war crime on those palindrome mutterers.

Let the canyons reputate your smelly disattributions of infatuation with Self, with ego, with desire. That's fine and dandy. If you answer hate with love, even if you hate them back, after a while, they look like the assholes.

Nuckelfläschchen are somewhat related to hose heads, in that in each case, there is fluid, draining and an oriface involved. Other than that, not much else is going on.

There is no i in Zimbat... no, wait...[edit | edit source]

During the Nipple Crisis of 2013, many people took to carrying altimeters. As with any horror show, this one was a frenzied rampage of sewer alligators in 3D. The world's economies here beset by abraded nipples, causing inaccurate windage, which in turn prevented the extinction of the American Bison. Rather than preclusion, the panoply seemed to possess a sentience of it's own.