Magic: The Gathering

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Magic: the Gathering is a spin off of the Pokemans franchise. The gameplay is based on who has the most feet, leading most games to be won by John. It tastes kinda like a fnord, but not really. Some people say that an online version does exist, but that is just a myth.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Magic cards are highly in demand, as they are great toilet paper. Due to this, cards can be worth up to eight dollars and 43 sense.

Tournaments[edit | edit source]

People play in Magic tournaments? What a bunch of nerds. There are weekly events that happen in many card shops internationally, called FNM (or Feline Neurological Masturbation)

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In magic you play with cards. They have different colors, but it doesn't matter beacuse everyone is treated equally no matter which race you are. You take turns, and each turn is divided into UNturn, rotate, flunge, mill, graveyard, spindown and tap. Each turn you get a land. They are usually good, since it gives you and your friends somevere to live, but each turn you have to pay land tax. The goal is to get your opponent to zero, but no one have figured out how to do that yet.