The Small Fluffy Creatures

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“They came out of nowhere! This little b***** came up and ate my best shoe! That shoe was a gift from my dog for goodness sake... I don't know how I'm gonna tell him...”

~ The Redneck I met the other day

It is said that the creatures live in your head, and only come out when a particular type of muffin is eaten. They thrive in breadboards, and so chavs are a prime target for their habitat. They originally came from the planet, WTF AM I DOING WITH CHEESE IN MY EARS?. Needless to say, it was named by the fluffy creatures, probably when they woke up with Carrots in their ears.

The food of the fluffy creatures[edit]

They often eat the lack of brains or sometimes dollops of HRCS (High Resolution Cheesy Shit) when they need to improve their nosesight. It hasn't worked yet.

Why oh why?[edit]

Indeed. The people inhabited by these creatures take up strange habits, Sarah Palin hugging a bear, John McCain actually FLYING a fighter-bomber without crashing it, and Barack Obama not painting his walls a different colour every day. They are treated very quickly of course, Sarah Palin given a rifle, John McCain taken out of the flight simulator, and Barack Obama given a lifetime supply of paint.

No one even reads the title, so I cant be bothered[edit]

The fluffy creatures are in your head already, because you suddenly are smart enough to type in the Illogicopedian address, and drew yourself to this page.

AHAHAHA PREPARE TO DIE PEOPLE!!!! *Pushes the button* *pineapple falls from ceiling and knocks me out*

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