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ThotMarket is a sinister conspiracy directed at making people sell their very thoughts, making them easier to Frankenstein enslave! The Computer God's newest secret weapon, it utilizes Web 2.0 for the purpose of furthering the Communist-Atheist Conspiracy! This is evidenced by so-called Thots such as this, insulting religion and clearly serving to indoctrinate people, who are even encouraged to invest in it – such an outrageous, worse-than-deadly scum-on-top practice!

Through subtle manipulation by the Computer God, anyone who visits ThotMarket is traced and their Inner Symbol Tables altered – usually at night – by direct manipulation of their real Moon brains so that they come to revisit the site again and again until they meet their demise! They soon think of selling every thought (their implanted radio controls continually whispering to them to "Offer That Thot!" and "Invest Some More!") adding them to the vast databases of the Computer God, willingly aiding its conspiracies and The Pope!

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  • Francis E. Dec, Esq., the one whose wisdom served to expose this sinister plot for what it really is!
  • Facebook - An eeble book containing thousands of wretched faces hell-bent on getting YOU to reveal your inner self!

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