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Night is when the sun goes home from work and then the moon shows up to take over where the sun left off.

The Knight of Night: a poem[edit | edit source]

This poem was not written by Emily Dickinson.

Look yonder!

'Tis a black knight in shining armor!

Whence cometh he?

What end has he?

Who is this black Knight?!??

'Tis but I, knight of all knights, and I shall not leave with no joust and no fight.

Oh no! Whatever shall be done?

Unrelated Misinformation[edit | edit source]

Forgoth[edit | edit source]

Is like Morgoth but Green. He has Attention Deficit Disorder, just like the original Morgoth, and he is often mistaken with small bearded men.

Zagggug[edit | edit source]

Zagggug is the name of my pet rat. He hides in caves, working his slaves, until his slaves do die. Thereafter, Zagggug is dead.

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