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Nerd42 Don t Tread On Me (Banana Peel Remix).png
Bananastar icon red.png Who am I?

I am Bananaman. Defender against evil, and champion of yellow elongated fruit.

Bananastar icon red.png What am I doing here?

I love editing wikis, particularly ones that worship the almighty banana. Plus, Seppy bought me a drink down at the pub and asked if I'd mind popping by.

Bananastar icon red.png What am I doing here?

Fine. I've never even met Seppy. There aren't a lot of banana trees in the Antarctic, nor a lot of penguins in Guatamala. Except during tourist season.

Truthfully, there just isn't a lot of work for fruit-related superheroes these days. My last job was as a tree-shaker for Del Monte, but they sacked me when I refused to stop wearing my special suit.

Bananastar icon red.png Articles I Love

At least, we think it was a bananaBananaBanana breadBanana Dissection (Nsnsns Foddrvopm)Banana God (not about me) • Banana man (not really me) • Banana peelBanana puddingBananaman (also not me) • Butter milk cow bananaFive day bananaFlub Nugget's Experimentations and Discoveries on The Magic BananaInvasion of Illogiland/BananaThe Banana is eeble sonkThe Option Game/Banana

Bananastar icon red.png Articles I Hate

Seven hell-eating banana fishThe Banana Censorship Brigade