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Banana Dissection is a medical process that all training doctors go through during their second or third year of medical school. After several years of taking courses in advanced human anatomy, surgeons are required to take a two-semester course in "fruit surgery," which involves performing medical procedures on fruit. The year culminates in a live autopsy, performed on a real banana.

Many medical students fail the course, especially when it comes to the stomach-churning dissection of the banana. Bananas have sticky innards. They gush. If they pass banana surgery, the students are required to put contact lenses in themselves while drunk. If they put them in their nose they fail. Good morning. They also have to put earplugs in their eyes and perform eyelid transplants and eat cookies and urinate. On the spot.

Question #4: After having completed your exam, urinate on this page. And you pass.

A cage is a place with a lock where you sit. And we're practicing. And that's disgusting. And papercuts everywhere. That's poorly written. This article has slowly dissolved into chaos, just like revu oterh foddrvopm.

Here be Bananas

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