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As everyone knows, BANANA PUDDING OR BUST!!! bananas are a healthy and good tasting fruit with EIGHT MILLION GALLONS OF SUGAR!!! a yellow hue. However, in the form of pudding, it is BANANA PUDDING OR BUST!!! an even better tasting treat, with NINE MILLION GALLONS OF SUGAR!!! the same good taste. Now, if you don't like banana pudding, YOU SUCK!!! that's okay, but YOUR LIFE WILL NOT BE A GOOD ONE, BECAUSE I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN, AND KILL YOU!!! you will be missing out on LIFE!!! a good treat.

Creation of Banana Pudding[edit]

Banana pudding was created by ME!!! Bananaman, when he accidentally POURED TEN GALLONS OF SUGAR INTO A VAT OF MELTED BANANAS!!! dropped a chopped banana into a non-flavored VAT OF SUGAR!!! pudding cup. He then tried to POUR ELEVEN GALLONS OF SUGAR INTO IT!!! take it out, but his banana mutated hands turned it into the one and only... Banana Pudding! On that day, I WAS BORN!!! Bananaman flew across the world, delivering the newly discovered AWESOME!!! treat to children everywhere LIKE ME!!!. Later in the year, Bananaman became the richest BANANA!!! in the world, selling over 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000!!! one million banana flavored pudding cups. However, No Name, and many other STUPID MORONIC IMBECILES pudding companies stole the idea, then sued Bananaman and said that he stole their idea. Everyone in the whole world EXCEPT ME!!! started ranting against Bananaman, and his wealth was destroyed.

THE END!!![edit]

Here be Bananas

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