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CAUTION: Illogicopedia is land where all is not as it seems, a place where rules are guidelines and admins may delete you and your cat at any given time with no warning. So, when reading, try to take the following with a slight pinch of salt.
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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be so. Prepare to get bored!  
  Sensible Section  

Illogicopedia is a wiki project for creating an insane repository of words put together in no particular order. We, the writers, editors and Supreme Overlords hope that You will find our prose amusing, a word which here means, "interesting for other people to look at and possibly even read" but it is not required that your endless babblings be considered funny by anyone - either objectively or subjectively - to qualify for inclusion. Illogicopedia is a magical place where any article you write is as likely to be featured as subjected to quick deletion and for the same reasons.

What Happens Here

For a detailed list of similar efforts, see Illogicopedia:What Illogicopedia is Like.

This wiki is mostly dedicated to non-, semi- or entirely humorous surrealism (which might variously be considered clever, dumb, silly, or just plain nonsensical) and some satire. Humour-wise Illogicopedia is more about anything funny that didn't necessarily take that much effort to make, scoping from well-thought out prose to the kind of random or self-referential humour you find removed from Uncyclopedia; mostly anything people can get a laugh out of basicly.

Content that we want

Main article: Illogicopedia:Amusing

The main focus of Illogicopedia is clever and amusing randomness, silly humour and nonsense; as the name suggests, things that are illogical. Though our content is mostly humorous, humor is not necessarily always our goal.

Free-licensed wiki content that is suited for Illogicopedia but does not fit its current location, such as nonsense on Wikipedia and random humor rejected from Uncyclopedia, can be imported to this wiki.

Content that we don't want - No "Total Crap"

We don't accept content that we technically define as "total crap". This means stuff that is completely boring and/or has absolutely no redeeming value. Our standards are pretty low. In fact, we purposefully make them so low that just about anyone can write stuff for our web site without worrying about it too much. But we do have standards.

To contribute to Illogicopedia, you don't need much more than a basic understanding of the Engrish language (See Illogicopedia:Languages if you want a different language) and you can ignore this understanding at will by going above it, but only when doing so has redeeming value of some kind.

Our best writers know the English language inside and out so well that when they use bad grammar and mispellings, it is on purpose. When we are inaccurate, we are definitely so. We are the lords of grammatical chaos; the kings of linguistic entropy. We just misspelled "misspellings".

Positions and Values

Isn't nonsense typically negative?

We see good nonsense as being uplifting, clever and, quite often, genuinely funny. We feel that being able to laugh at ourselves and take things less seriously can make the world a better place.

Beyond that, the Illogicopedia:Commandments include several important principles dealing with what we consider shared values. They include prohibitions against excessively vulgar and/or demeaning content. In other words, we're against being "mean" and/or "nasty".

Can we write about controversial subjects?

Yes, you can write about controversial subjects. But try to do it in a way that is funny or entertaining in some way. Blatant political propaganda ("George Bush sucks!", "Liberals hate freedom!") is generally not accepted. Don't blatantly endorse your favorite candidate or political party, or flame your least favorite either. If articles on controversial issues are done in a subtler, more satirical or surreal way, they will most likely be allowed to stay (it varies on a case-by-case basis, if necessary pending a review by the community).

Is this wiki supposed to be an argument for absurdism?

No, we do not (collectively) take a position on whether or not absurdism is true or valid/legitimate. We just enjoy creating absurd stuff.

Isn't interest in nonsense a sign that you've been taking illegal drugs?

We do not encourage people to use illegal drugs, but we also do not take a position on whether drugs should be legalized. It is generally felt that if you cannot come up with good enough nonsense or appreciate nonsense well enough without taking drugs, it betrays a lack of talent on your part.

“I don't do drugs. I am drugs.”

Does thinking about nonsense cause mental illness?

No, that's stupid.

“A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.”

Rules of The Wiki

The basics can be summarized in The commandments as well as what follows:

  • Cyber-bullying is not tolerated.
  • Anything else can stay as long as it is clean and of any interest.
  • Blatant attempts at political persuasion will be relocated to a political satire wiki.
  • A Werewolf's Actual Decision is final, though not every action constitutes an actual decision. A Werewolf may re-assess a choice, and you are free to take up any issues as long as you do so civilly; however, actively going against an Actual Decision when warned not to is punishable under the rules of the wiki.

See Werewolf intervention system for how rules are implemented and enforced, the "no total crap" page for more information on what content is considered clean and acceptable, and the policy page for more basics of what is regarded as good form for editing. Don't worry, the administrator's aren't nearly as harsh or as evil as you may think and will always respect your opinion as long as it does not have destructive intent.

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