Believe it or not

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Bush keeps them SAFE!!!

“Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free-ee-ee!”

~ Joey Scarbury on Believe it or not

This page contains the TRUTH!!! BELIEVE ME!!!!! Believe it or ELSE!!!

  1. Cows CAN eat beef!!!! It's in thier blooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddd
  2. Pie have contacted bush, and they have agreed to run the new CIA program "Tellytubbies Brainwash"
  3. Warn all your kids!!! Tellytubbies shall rule the world!!
  4. Earthquake in China is all a conspiracy, the Japanese wants us to thing baaaaaad there was no earthquake! Just a mass alien abduction.
  5. Beware the END. Read more to find out! Don't you realise that Bush IS an alien WE SHALL ALL DIE BY HIS HANDS! Why did he attack Iraq? because Iraq had all the necessary Ch4 needed (this is the secret ingredient for his master plan! All aliens are made from Ch4).
  6. You wanna know the seeeeeeeecret of life!!! Don't eat green stuff! From cucumber to the hulk to little green men DON'T EAT GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN it's just plain unhealthy, you got that? Plusssssssss don't be an idiot!! Everyone knows that veggies make you fat!
  7. Ouvrez les livres d'oranges!!! Omelettes du fromage!!!!!!!!! Mon crayon est petit!!!!!!
  8. Hello chaps, your name is Lindsay Lohan!
  9. Flobby flobby slinky
  10. Television is responsible for the Gulf War
  11. If you bring sand to the beach, and a genie, then you only get 1/2 a wish
  12. If you are snorkle in Prague then you have no grits with your biscuits

Believe it or POT!!!![edit]

I am a pot

He is a pot

Unfortunately, you are a pot.

Yes, you!!!!!!!!

and Your Mom