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This is Dr. Skullthumper IRL. Well, probably.

Dr. Skullthumper is the world's biggest fan of the preview button. He is known for his brilliant tacos, and his bot is much more like-able than him anyway. He is well known for being a well-devoted Uncyclopedia admin, and is known to have been banned from wearing rollerskates in sefton park. He is known to answer questions on formspring.me, where he answers bad jokes and other deleted un-block e-mails.

Personal life[edit]

Dr. Skullthumper's most prominent advice.

He is a known doctor, and will go crazy if you state. otherwise. He is known to sometimes teach 8th-grade lobotomy, and is most commonly seen filling out community service orders. This is because the constant blood-curdling screaming coming from his basement every night upsets the neighbours. He lives in his own house, unlike most other UN admins who are probable basement dwellers.

Trivia and fun-facts[edit]

  • His nose is an amazing 3:45 inches long, allowing him to reach shoes from a great hight.
  • He has never really said anything interesting.
  • He once won second in the Bangladesh marathon.
  • He HATES Anonymous users and wishes to damm them all to hell.

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