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The Carlow Crab (LITECO: ʂɾɘɲʟ ɴɾɭɕɛʛʌ) is an animated television sitcom created in Reynolds, by Zorgin-Hmorgin studios. It is Ultra-PIC and related to other PIC shows. It centers around a liberal jerk named Jack Jerk, and his, poor, conservative friend Ashley Asshole in central Lawsonville (although the show was not in the realm of being founded there). He is a high-school teenager at Bikonoslinosriminos High, which is owned by an Aussie. He is made fun of by a Luxie jerk and the Trash sisters. Little do they know he is the famous "Carlow Crab" superhero. He fights villains, such as The Tipperary Turtle. It is a mixture of a "superhero"-style shows and Beavis and Butt-head style humor. It mocks PC the most since the very different "Chmorguphast Croboys", also by Zorgin Hmorgin. It will make 102 episodes by August 2017, when it is scheduled to end. It currently has 72 episodes. It is a very successful show.

It is controversial for it's cartoon violence and crude humor. It has earned itself a TV-14 rating.

More about the show[edit]

The show was first created by Zorgin-Hmorgin as a new spoof of "teen superhero" shows since the semi-spoof Jim and the Teenage Kickass had jumped the shark. Carlow Crab is now one fo the most popular shows around.

Major Characters[edit]

See Major characters from The Carlow Crab.

Minor Characters[edit]

See List of characters from The Carlow Crab.

Theme Song[edit]

Although The New Danny Phantom Show is a rip-off, the theme song sounds totally different.\

See main article: The Carlow Crab (song)

It's the Carlow Crab

It's the Carlow Crab

It's the Carlow Crab

It's the Carlow Crab

It's the Carlow Crab

It's the Carlow Crab

It's the Carlow Crab

It's the Carlow Crab

It's the Carlow Crab


It is the Carlow Crab

It's the Carlow Crab


It's the Carlow Crab


Look at me! I'm the Carlow Crab


In the syndicated version, the theme song is:

Goin back to Carlow Carlow Carlow


See List of The Carlow Crab episodes


The show, like Chmorguphast Croboys, was claimed to be conservatively-biased by it's portrayal of political correctness. Also the episode Overprotective Shit was controversial not only because it contained the word "shit" in its name (it was censored out in the name of a later episode), but because in it, The Tipperary Turtle said when he was destroying buildings in Dublin, "These people are suffering way more than the assholes who were bombed on September 11". The liberal media discussed this for a while.

The show also apparently mocked gay people, or in this case, a gay Guy in a Turtle Suit. He was constantly shown to be gay, despite cutting his finger on a gay marriage bill in several episodes.

Recently, the episodes Solstice Shopping and Krismis Krab gained quite a bit of controversy because they mocked holidays such as Winter Solstice and the people who celebrate them. Infact the moral of "Krismis Krab" is DON'T CELEBRATE KWANZAA!'. The liberal media was angry, but, of course, they outsmarted conservatives.

The references to the very controversial show "Alamance Alfred" made this show more controversial.

The Carlow Crab is not appropriate for children, despite being about teenagers (it is only for adultd). It contains extreme violence, is full of gay jokes, profanity is often used (such as Ashley "Asshole"), and it is still rated TV-14. However, many people believe some episodes, such as those with Fukomos, deserve a TV-MA rating. It was at the top in certain lists of the amount of violence in a show.

In the first season, most episodes were rated TV-PG, but are now rated TV-14, since the content became more inappopriate (although it was never for children).

It mocked Luxies, and was banned in Luxembourg.

A recent episode was controversial because it made fun of "Litecoverian" or "Mitchell" accents.

A recent episode has used terms such as "proddy", "teague" or "shoneen", which are considered profane in Ireland.

In the episode KKKarlow KKKrab, the Ku Klux Klan, racism, and other sort of things were praised, leading to history's hugest Carlow Crab controversy, causing Zorgin Hmorgin temporarily to move back to the show's production station in Clandune, Reynolds, to have his balls kicked by black people.


The show was censored when it was shown on the Wilson Store network, which is geared more towards kids. The words "ass" and "asshole" are used less, and Ashley Asshole is usually refered to simply as "Ashley". Also, there is less cartton violence. The Wilson Store version is rated "TV-PG".

Also, in the recent episode LABTA Returns, when Carlow Crab landed in Wythefield, Germanton he made a racist remark. This was censored out on the Wilson Store network.


Several locations appear in the show such as:

  • Tingenheimer Mall
  • Penis-Mart (a chain similar to Wal-Mart)
  • Crappy Food (a supermarket)
  • Yuppie (an expensive supermarket with seasonal variations)
  • Crappy Computer Games (from the makers of Crappy Food)

Elitist information[edit]

Tosha is an American popular-kid type snob. Jean-Claude-Charlotte-Henri III of Esch-sur-Sure is a rich high-class old world European polite-and-well-educated-and-incredibly rich type snob from the world's richest and most educated country (and snobbiest), the Czech Republic.

Terms from the show[edit]

While Jonathan's boss is usually unseen, he often refers to him as "bosshole", a combination of "boss" and "asshole". This word has gone into the Croboy English Dictionary. It was actually once used on Jim and the Teenage Kickass as well.

Also, sometimes the Crab refers to the apparently gay Tipperary Turtle as "gay-ass", another term the show popularized.

House of Crab[edit]

A spinoff, House of Crab, premiered in January 2006. See "House of Crab" for details.



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