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Sooooo, before I start this, do I have the endorsement of other people to do something like this award? I just have RMS's My refrigerator and I speak occasionally article in my mind for this award already. It is of such great quality and prose, I cannot find an article like it -- does anyone else have any other ideas? Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 18:23, 16 Arply 2015 (UTC)

Do it! As a fried squid, I ask it. As an admin, I command it. As an objective coelacanth, I grasp the beverage chaotic. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png 04:31, 17 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep... Twoandtwoalwaysmakesafive (talk) 22:43, 19 Arply 2015 (UTC)
Either Is, the 'collapsible ironing board' saga, Bcbkye or Singular Ways to Die. Thanks! XY007talkcontributions 05:22, 7 Ergust 2015 (UTC)
Flam... We shall do a top 20. Why? Because it sounds good, and also because draconian smoke fills the humidity. Icons-flag-au.png Operator XY - (Conversal :: Editations - 7,284 and counting!) 07:04, 9 Jeremy 2016 (UTC)
Yeeeah man, go and do it! If you haven't already. But of course, you don't need my approval to do that. Or anything at all, really. :) -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 20:18, 23 Jeremy 2016 (UTC)
Yeah! --(AMB) (XAR) (BKYE) Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 16:11, 24 Jeremy 2016 (UTC)