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I want to write a community epic. I have an idea for it. Anyone interested in a large scale collaboration? The only requirements are that you don't suck.--Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 14:44, 12 Yoon 2015 (UTC)

I'd be up for it. It'd almost be like the sandalism section, but mildly better, thematic, and elsewhere. Decks.png ~ Good tidings! ~ 17:48, 12 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
Sure. Let's have a cuppa and talk. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 20:30, 12 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
I'm in. Does this count towards this? XY007talkcontributions 23:24, 12 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
Here's the title: it's called Paper frog. XY007talkcontributions 23:28, 12 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
On first glance, I say "meh" to Paper frog, but then, what do I know? Since Fondled Kase threw down the sinister gauntlet, it is seemly that it gets first dibs on title and subject. Lacking it's preference for a specific thingy, I will throw my ring in the hat for Bladderwrack shellfish with extra eyebrows performing drug testing on pissy housewives. Or with a beer bong. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 05:37, 13 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
Here's what the fondled kase had in mind. It would be titled Pointless Rampage Jackson. It's a story about a day in the life of a man named Pointless Rampage Jackson. He wakes up one morning and goes about his daily routine. Each user takes turns telling different stages in his day, and of course, each task he accomplishes is accomplished in a catastrophic rampage... an utterly pointless rampage.--Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 15:01, 13 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
That can be your part of Paper frog. My chapter was about home invasion, then you add the chapter about P.R.Jackson. XY007talkcontributions 23:16, 13 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
I especially like the pointless part. Please, Sir Kase, beguile us with the beginning. LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 01:23, 14 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
Here goes somethin'. Brace yourselves. --Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 13:38, 15 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
Okay. Gruntled. I tag you!--Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 14:07, 15 Yoon 2015 (UTC)
Thanks for the tag. There are a few edits I need to make to this section, but I'm too busy being a princess right now. A question, though; is this related to the fighter? LAR Adriator-Gruntled.png(kaizum me)Plant2.png 05:37, 17 Yoon 2015 (UTC)

No idea what the fighter is. Does he fight?--Duckwiki2.png|Fonchezzz| Quacking| 15:49, 22 Yoon 2015 (UTC)

Another kind[edit]

So since Pointless... er... thing is finished, I have a second large collaborative article that I would like to suggest.

The title I suggest for this article, is The 80-Nanosecond Monkey War. XY007 (talk - contribs - business) 03:22, 24 Aym 2018 (UTC)

I would like to collaborate. --Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 03:02, 26 Aym 2018 (UTC)
  • This sounds like it has the potential to be a very short article.... unless we're using the extra-large sort of nanoseconds, of course. Snarglefoop (talk) (who continues in his annoying habit of using asterisks when everybody else is using colons) 16:05, 26 Aym 2018 (UTC)
When it first appeared over the White House, nobody had the least conception how much sheer chaos it might be bringing along. But then, none of us had ever met a Nanosecond Monkey before. And a flying saucer packed with 80 Nanosecond Monkeys was beyond our wildest and most pornographic dreams.
But there it was. Shaped like a dinner plate but nearly twice as big, packed with monkeys of a sort the world had never seen before, all snickering at the satisfaction they would bring in the course of their nanosecond jaunts over all parts of the globe, existent and nonexistent.
At that, we still didn't truly grasp the danger, for a mere 80 monkeys -- even 80 nanosecond monkeys -- would hardly constitute a good size platoon of amphibious landers. But what we didn't count on was the femtosecond fleas that each monkey carried -- not just 80, not even 800, but nearly 8000 femtosecond fleas on each and every monkey.
The monkeys both took over the world. --Sophia, The Resident Uncyclopedia Deity (talk) 16:38, 26 Aym 2018 (UTC)
Time to divide the war in picoseconds, I'm in. well- if it happens after 8/6. uni projects are holding me up on everything.e = 👈 2.71 👉  8281 828 45904523 536
02874713 526 624977
12:35, 31 Jumbly 2018 (UTC)