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Hrbzsckpkszck, formerly Harbiziscakipikisezack before the Great Vowel Recession of 1873, is a country south of England. It boasts over 3 visitors a year. Its main import is coffee, and its main export is dogs. It has a population of 1,286.5 (the .5 is an IP user, who only counts as half a citizen in the great land of Hrbzsckpkszck)


The people of Hrbzsckpkszck are generally friendly, however they also tend to be very hyper-active, as they drink too much coffee. They are typically aged between 1 and 100. Popular Hrbzsckpkszckian past-times include eating, drinking, sleeping and assembling cheap Swedish furniture. The Hrbzsckpkszckian economy prospers more than any other economy, because the Hrbzsckpkszckian government is run entirely by hamsters.