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Huddle up and find a spot.

Stuff is changing, like cows raining from the sky and participating in the anal remote control wars. Illogicopedia's New Community Portal can be used to access the newly added, fresh pages in this wiki that you may wish to reach, and we deleted some old, dead things (I'm talking to you, Twwits and Bllogs!) ... well, fnurdles.

For Newbs

le guidance. Fnurdle.
Get along with us.

Other fun stuff

Politics, with an Illogical twist.
Earn a name for yourself.
Help out Illogicopedia and get a cool suffix for your signature!
You decide what goes on the front page. No, really, its not fixed, honest. Would I lie?
Which user has impressed you this month?
Become an official talkpage greeter type person.

Out of Wiki

Illogi- Somethings.
Our discord channel.


Join our things that is happening currently.
List articles that needs Improvement, and Improve the other listed ones.


Fix up a sucky article before it gets shredded.
Join ?pedia's quest to create common articles.


a wiki project dedicated to creating an insane repository of words put together in no particular order.
the lexicon of illogic.
all the news in fits of print.
why edit when you can play games?
The World of Insanity.
I'm a banana, I'm a banana, I'm a banana, look at me move!
Compile the Serieses.
random, basically nonsensical song lyrics and out of tune instruments.
new Illogicopedian Times.
showcasing cartoon scripts designed by our users.
because why not?
Illogicopedia's unofficial chatroom logs database.
Illogicopedia's own video channel.
the best place to find instructions on all the things you never really needed instructions to figure out.
100% false video game tips and cheats.
where opinion is fact.
a mini-wiki project for editors who like to make a mess of things.