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Order, order! That's better. (Voice echoes)

Order, order! The House of Illogia shall come to order.

The House of Illogia is a place where Illogicopedians can discuss pressing issues of the day in a civilised, jovial manner bicker and backstab no end.

Lord of Commons[edit | edit source]

It is the job of the Lord of Commons to keep the House in order. This involves actively avoiding conflict and encouraging civilised conversation. However, it is taken for granted that civility is not always exercised.

The current Lord of Commons is the Rt. Hon Kippers, voted by 3-0 in Arply 2008

Past Lords of Commons[edit | edit source]

Parties[edit | edit source]

Note: for a more detailed summary of the parties, see Illogicopedia:Political Parties

Following is a brief summary of the current political parties and their representation in the House as of Arply 2015.

        Party   Formed    Mbs    Leader     Policies  
The Strangled Cat Party   2007 9 Lord Silent Penguin World domination
The Illogicrats 2007 8 Lord Myra Free ice cream, whatever you want
Apathy In Action 2007 4 Mixmaster Nerd42 Meh
Ducks For Ducks [1] 2007 21 Elite Quacker Fonchezzz   Equality for ducks
Communist Calamity 2007 6 Premier Pongo Communism, socialism
The mad moron confederation 2008 3 Chief Raggle Fraggler Craziness,Consumerism and Libertarianism
The Contrarian Party 2008 2 President I forgot Anything that opposes popular opinion  
The Dickhead Party 2008 1 President Joe "Gakigaki sdajfhjkas Jajaj phvvj Haharang fakrr" ("Conservatism and Insanity to the Extreme")  

There are also the parties of the Opposition of Off Tropic, which opposes

        Party   Formed    Mbs    Leader     Policies  
The Ism Party   2015 6 Yes, that guy Isms and free cake for all

Join a party[edit | edit source]

  • To join a party add your name to the members list on the appropriate party page
  • Each party has its own characteristics and behind the scenes operation
  • You may choose to be a 'crossbench' politician and ally with more than one party

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Not to be confused with the Duck Clan which is a separate organisation