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  Go here for other "Lying" parties including inferior ducks and smelly communists  
Leader Raggle Fraggle King
Headquarters That council house
Colours Lime 'N pure purple
Motto We did it for the LOLZ
Founded Hammertime
Website Here

“They did it for the LOLZ”

~ Them

The Mad Moron Confederation (MMC) is an vertically insane political party, formed out of the former Ba Jibble Party. Our official animal is the Funky Chunky Monkey and our official emblem is the Muscial Meat Cleaver, also MMC. We shall spread the cause for nonsense, foo foo blankets, couch cushions, and lost souls that were sold to some one who knows Simon Cowell.

About us[edit | edit source]

As a completely insane organization, MMC is supporting the cause for nonsense. We believe everybody should have their fair share of idiocy. Any people rebbeling against this law will be locked up in a drawing cupboard in Iceland, with lots of money to place into their thriving local currency! The Worldwide Banking system will be owned by Wal-Mart, Tesco, Costco and Sainsbury's (like it should be).

Howto:Become a member[edit | edit source]

You can join at your nearest post office, just sign the piece of paper selotaped to the front. You can donate money by sending your debit and credit card details to:

The Mad Moron confederation
lolololol lane
The island next to the island of man
P.O Box l337

To officially join, please speak to our Executive Supervisor, Blade runner.

Our views on other parties[edit | edit source]

PAH! Ducks are inferior to us! They are mutant chickens! And that communist party, they really smell like they don't use publicly recommended deodorant. Apart from that, our views on other parties are k.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Organization[edit | edit source]

Current Members[edit | edit source]


Regular fries and members

Some OF THE things we do[edit | edit source]

Our top specialists are working all night long, sifting through endless streams of information, to find the qualified nonsense we need. Our award winning scientists study and discover new nonsense. Our maintenance staff repair the nonsense to top dollar/pound/yen/delete as applicable quality. Then our shipping and handling employees package and label the nonsense to be shipped out to those who need it.

News[edit | edit source]

  • says that our website was the number one site of all sites created the this week. Booyah! Take that Communist Calamity, with your silly motto, "Not so menacing, as a cat-suffocation of group, instead of as mad, as mad Морон Confederations." Yeah, I looked up Russian. Also you Communists spelt moron wrong it is correctly spelled идиот! I will correct it one your page.
  • Our anual pie throwing contest every four months will be held on 2/11/09
  • October 12, RFK creates the news section
  • October 11, RFK creates party's website
  • October 11, RFK creates the forum
  • October 11, Bladester changes party's name
  • February 13-October 11, all the things that happened since it started up to the time it had a name change.