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What IP:C says[edit]

Main article: Illogicopedia:Commandments

Illogicopedia is not sane[edit]

We are not sane. Nothing on our site makes any sense.

Illogicopedia is not spamming site[edit]

We are not spam. We host amusing original content, not blatant serious propaganda or advertisements.

Illogicopedia is not Uncyclopedia[edit]

We are not required to be funny. - just nonsensical.

Illogicopedia is not a replacement[edit]

We are not some other web site. We don't do things just because some other site does them. We are not a substitute for any other site.

Illogicopedia is not against Uncyclopedia..?[edit]

We are not against other web sites. Illogicopedia is not in competition with other web sites and doesn't discourage people from working with them when appropriate.

Illogicopedians are not mean[edit]

We are not mean. We do not host content that demeans or threatens people or groups of people. This also applies to how our administrators and community should behave towards site visitors.

Illogicopedia is not 19+[edit]

We are not nasty. We do not host "nasty" content, such as excessive profanity and graphic depictions or descriptions of sex, drugs and/or violence.

Illogicopedia is not Ur mom[edit]

We are not your mom. Your Mom Doesn't Work Here - so Clean Up After Yourself!

Illogicopedia is not youtube mirror.[edit]

Main article: Illogicopedia:FAQ

Articles that only contain a YouTube video and nothing else will be deleted on sight.

What IP:10 says[edit]

Main article: Illogicopedia:Ten things you probably didn't know

Illogicopedia is not ditch party[edit]

We like newcomers!

We love to accept new users all the time, unlike some wikis. You'll find the community very welcoming, if a little mentally unstable at times. Don't be afraid to ask questions but check out the FAQ first.

Illogicopedia is not disrespect party[edit]

We respect other peoples' contributions!

We don't remove other peoples' contributions without a good reason, only add to them. Exceptions are made in case of content that breaks the Commandments. Destructive edits are not accepted, not least by the person who originally wrote the content. If you have a problem, see an administrator.

Illogicopedia is not monkey jungle[edit]

We're not always insane!

Sure, there's a lot of nonsense on the site but a majority of the featured content is more structured. It still has a random quality, but appeals to a larger audience than just plain craziness.

Illogicopedia is not redlinkpedia[edit]

We like redlinks... but not too many.

Don't be afraid to place redlinks on common words - it's likely that in the future someone will come along and make the article. Less common phrases are not as likely to be created but if they're crazy enough, someone might just stumble across the redlink and make it blue.

Illogicopedia is not Wikipedia[edit]

We like mad categories!

That's right, but don't go overboard on them. Every so often a 'crazy cats' week is held where users attempt to invent the most creative categories. Try and add some existing categories first but the odd 'crazy cat' here and there is fine. Just remember to create it.

Illogicopedia is not deletionist's cave[edit]

We don't just delete stuff!

The Illogicopedia attempts to keep all content that does not break the Commandments. However, whilst we accept all kinds of nonsense, we do strive for a certain level of quality babble. If this level is not reached, the article is put to the community in the hope it will improve. Don't worry if your article is tagged as 'trash' or the Mexicans arrive, help will be on the way!

Illogicopedia is not a competition[edit]

We aren't in competition!

Many of our users come from Uncyclopedia, Wikipedia and other similar wiki projects. Far from being in competition, we share content with them and have an amicable relationship. In particular, there is an amount of jocular activity that takes place between Illogicopedia and Uncyclopedia: after all, Unclepeteopedia is where ?pedia was born.

Illogicopedia is not cyberbully party![edit]

We are polite!

Illogicopedia members don't go round violently forcing their nonsense on everyone. Remember as an Illogicopedia user you represent the wiki on other websites. Don't flame people or vandalise other wikis - you'll earn yourself, and maybe the Illogicopedia community, a bad name.

Illogicopedia is not idcism![edit]

We cares about you!

Unlike other wikis, the community is ranked as slightly more important than the articles. For this reason, the chatroom and the forum are always open for business, and the Illogiblog keeps users up to date on "serious" happenings in the Illogicopedia community.

Illogicopedia is not unfunny![edit]

We like people to have fun!

Edit with a smile on your face. If you ever feel you aren't enjoying writing, don't do it; instead talk to some of our friendly community members or play a game to put the smile back on your face.

Illogicopedia is not trash bin![edit]

Main article: Illogicopedia:About

We don't accept content that we technically define as "total crap". This means stuff that is completely boring and/or has absolutely no redeeming value. Our standards are pretty low. In fact, we purposefully make them so low that just about anyone can write stuff for our web site without worrying about it too much. But we do have standards.

To contribute to Illogicopedia, you don't need much more than a basic understanding of the Engrish language (See Illogicopedia:Languages if you want a different language) and you can ignore this understanding at will by going above it, but only when doing so has redeeming value of some kind.

Our best writers know the English language inside and out so well that when they use bad grammar and mispellings, it is on purpose. When we are inaccurate, we are definitely so. We are the lords of grammatical chaos; the kings of linguistic entropy. We just misspelled "misspellings".

Finally the original stuffs[edit]

Illogicopedia is not TLA![edit]

Well, TLA is in Illogicopedia, but, we are not aiming for longest article. we want better instead of longer.

Illogicopedia is not Illogipedia![edit]

When I was a noob, I thought this site was Illogipedia. no, seriously.

but, it's Illogicopedia. a.k.a. ?pedia.

Illogicopedia is not Parody[edit]

it's not a parody of Uncyclopedia. well, some pictures are from Uncyclopedia commons, and some templates are Inspired from Uncyclopedia, however, there are some files and templates from Wikipedia, too. and most of them are our own. so we are independent.

Illogicopedia doesn't care about Notability[edit]

Unless it's Vanity :P

Illogicopedia is not Illogicopedia[edit]

umm.. what? wait... *burp* something is not right... eh...

Illogicopedia is not Wik*a[edit]

We don't have some ADs and sthuff.

Illogicopedia is not alive without you[edit]

Please contribute. let's make Illogicopedia big together!

Illogicopedia is not knot knock knock it's knuckles[edit]

uhh... yes.

Illogicopedia is not Wikipedia[edit]

Definitely. so don't add logical stuffs.

Illogicopedia is not iiiIIIiIiiIiIi[edit]

i + am = dumb

Illogicopedia is not Bureaucracy, FOR REAL.[edit]

these are just a recommendation, you don't need to follow!

there are only 8 strict rules and 8 rules are not called Bureaucracy.

we are Bureaucrazy.


have fun on Illogicopedia!