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This article is considered non-existent by the government.
You can choose to believe it if you like but will be considered 'crazy' by society.

Elephant waste is primed in high security bases for months before being unleashed on the Illogicopedian public.
Professor Steven Hawking has never edited Illogicopedia himself, though his (now deceased) dog Fido has.

Illogicopedia is the work of numerous inebriated cryptids being held at fartpoint by elephants with flatulence problems. In the case of the administrative division, these elephants are fed baked beans and very gassy lemonade before being battered with endless supplies of flies. And canned cheese, a really smelly brand.

In the absence of suitable pachyderms, exactly thirty-two chimps with the ability to type are hooked up to Steven Hawking's workstation and ordered to write. Often the chimps are dosed up on caffeine and blue Smarties and offered a banana they can't quite reach to tempt them. Don't worry though, the monkey gets the banana in the end, by popping its captors in the head.

Phew, I think that got the animal rights activists off our backs, not to mention the monkeys.

Illogicopedians[edit | edit source]

Main article: Illogicopedians

The people/insects/beings that edit the Illogicopedians are known as Illogicopedians, not to be confused with centipedians or even centurions. A hardy bunch, they dwell in prehistoric caves and allotments living off slime and bits of rotten shallots.

If you have ever edited Illogicopedia, you are officially an Illogicopedian: welcome to the club. Help yourself to haddock, cookies and brain medication from the fridge. Partaking of the latter can lead to you becoming a Feel-Good Contributor, as can consuming excessive amounts of coke or cheese before you go to bed.

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