It's hard tellin', not knowin'

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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

DISCLAIMER: The author makes no claim that there was an argument, nor does he claim that there was a winner or loser of, or indeed any point whatsoever to this argument which never took place.

The phrase, "It's difficult to discern without knowledge of the object and its attributes" has been commonly attributed to Plato, or perhaps a Thracian amber merchant with a horrible flea problem. Whatever its origin, it has been the guiding principle of the Pointy Stick School of Philosophy.

igapo audeside[edit | edit source]

Nobody likes a busy-body, so shape up!

igapo audeside (born Sometimber T4, 19U7, died Juliose K, 20M8) preceded himself at birth, and excelled throughout his life in whatever happened to capture his interest while under the influence of caffeine and nicotine. His initial addictions began during his Horticultural Period (19Y5 - 196S), when he drew benefit from nicotine-based insecticides and pesticides. He would belt down as many as 23 expressos just after dawn every day, then spray noxious substances into the insides of his ears and between his toes.

The Chaplain said, "To own their each, says the dullest man in the room", and was met with an icy sidewise glance. The pseudoelf simply replied, "Athyria owns an each.". A brisk silence descended upon the room, the town, the county, the whole damned planet for that matter. None of these generals was going to retreat. Under the back deck, there are too many ingots to count. The ants crawl across their metallicity, not balanced but asymmetric in a pleasant, zazen sort of way. Nobody wanted any donuts. What a waste of sugar and flour.

[21:38] <Gruntled> Give him an each, he'll take an every and all.

Over at the autopsy lab...[edit | edit source]

Ironically, the match quickly accelerated to a fevered pitch, just a notch below potentially dangerous. As the ball began to catch fire, simply from air friction caused by flying at 1000 miles per hour, spectators and stealth avian creatures alike recalled the day when nothing and zero became a bone of contention.

Nothing is more than zero[edit | edit source]

[21:38] * Athyria owns an each.
[21:38] <Gruntled> Give him an each, he'll take an every and all.
[21:42] <Gruntled> What year and model each is it?
[21:46] <Gruntled> Let me guess... 13RT6 Frod Mammalian Hoof?
[21:48] <Gruntled> My goal is to become self-redacting and Turingcsomplete[sic].
[21:49] <Gruntled> If I spin around for 6 minutes, then think about it... it sounds profound.
[21:49] <@Athyria> My brain hurts.
[21:49] * Gruntled spins

Later...[edit | edit source]

[22:31] <Gruntled> I should do an article
[22:32] <@Athyria> Always.
[22:33] <Gruntled> I am going to do one explaing that nothing is more than zero.
[22:36] <@Athyria> Oh, very good.
[22:36] <@Athyria> Be sure Seppy sees that one.
[22:36] <@Athyria> Why more, though?
[22:41] <Gruntled> I haven't really thought it through[1]. Something about zero being a mathematical object with cardinality and ordinality, and nothing is an existential state... horses and Indigo Girls...

  1. Russian doggie poop box withing a doggie poop box (scratch pad) zero is mathematical, with cardinality and ordinality, a symbolic value or placeholder for accounting purposes... Nothing is that which is transcendent, the void, sunyata, etc. *belch*

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