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Bigots can be morons, too.

For purposes of keeping this article work-friendly, the terms "rauwe bipsgaten" or "retegoed" [1] will neither be used nor defined in the contents of this article

Now, Americans are regarded as the retarded cousin who got a lucky inheritance by the rest of the world. Later, it will become insufferable. Insufferable, I say, because I already have plans to fold up into a sort of manifold, and propagate the myth that breastfeeding causes Mesopotamia.

Usually, people plan to do things later. Planning for then, or even now, is sort of silly.


Later will be after now. Usually this does not mean immediately after now, unless we're talking about young children. And dogs.

Later, when we catch up on our bills, or resod the front yard, never comes.

Later, I promise... depends on who's making the promise.

Prehensile mating flippers can be used by some sharks to set up a Facebook account.

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  1. The eighth leading cause of retegoed amnesia