List of lesser known Scrabble words

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“QWYJIBO: un gros et obès singe nordaméricain”

Completed Scrabble game.

The List of lesser known Scrabble words is an article on Illogicopedia. You are looking at it right now. It contains a list of words permissible in Scrabble games according to the Illogidictionary but whether the official dictionary accepts them is another matter.

However, the author is aware that hardly anyone pays attention to the Scrabble dictionary as many of the words contained within its pages are fabricated and nonsensical: take the examples of ZZZ, QAIDS and SANITY. Of course, should any of these words be used the player is immediately disqualified.

The list[edit | edit source]

Usage of these words is licensed under the Use of Made Up Words Act 1982.

Word Description Points
WYZYGAJO South African cheese monkey 103
SMEDGIGEN A small wood beetle 32
BATJAM A Batman-like dance. Also an alternative name for guano   41
GREEBLE Monster that lives under your bed 64
KWYJIBO / QUIGEBO   Gordon Brown 876
FNURDLE Small computer-dwelling creature 12
CURDENFNIMFLE Crisp packet substance 91
IANDOWIE Person with remarkably handsome facial features 1
EXTONEWIRER A man who once toned a wire, but got fired because of hygiene issues 57.3
CHONGOTUPHAH A white balaclava with ear, eye and brain holes 12
FUTTATTA Asian potato 67
SJINK Catacylsm of cheesy chocolate bars and eeble sonk 24
ZYXYZOQS Creature from The Clangers Over 9000  
PFARGTL The sound a pig makes whilst simultaneously farting and gargling   10
DOINK Sound of handless person clapping 16
SPOGGLE Albanian version of Boggle 43
KRUNGTHEP...UKAMPRASIT   Little known alternative to "the"

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The author cannot be held responsible for people who may punch you in the gut, face, butt, shin or kidney as a result of playing these words. In general, please avoid playing Scrabble against such characters, namely ₣, ₢, ‡ or ₪.

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