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Mika is a singer-songwriter from the Ukaydale, having achieved worldwide popularity after being signed to University of Illogicopedia Gloucester Records. Despite his Lebanese heritage, he is fluent in English, Germanese and Scouse, and is thus well-acquainted with cheesy feet smell. His most well-recieved song to date has been all of them, because leading bloggers and music critics can't decide or help themselves.

He has been described by various sources as having a musical style similar to the likes of Elton John, Freddie Mercury and the guy who is so posh that he wears a top hat which is ridiculously tall enough so as to be taller than the individual themselves.


During the development of the albums released under the record company, his mother took charge of styling, costume design and general business bossiness whilst his sister was primarily responsible for designing album artwork, as well as operating heavy machinery and disadvantaging Mika with injuries of varying severity as a result. Whilst the least of these injuries involved the use of bandages to his head and crimson chin, a more disturbing mosquito-related accident led to use of an eyepatch, momentarily transforming Mika into a pirate.

It eventually became common knowledge within the music industry that Mika's arms are hyper-extendable, allowing him to tickle his record producers and hence coerce them into recording and arranging music in the manner Mika finds appropriate. Insiders revealed that he is also extremely lightweight and if nudged in the slightest he would often be propelled through the air, rebounding off studio walls.

His debut album, Life in Chocolate Cake, which toured worldwide, was self-explanatory initiated the release of five singles. Following a short hiatus Mika returned with the release of The Boy Who Knew Too Much About Pencil Erasers, which marked a notably different approach to his writing style, notably in the single Emily which involved the same lady as in his former album's bonus track Ring Ring, except for the fact that she had now acquired a first name and was now French, thus more enamoured with gateau than chocolate cake. We never found out anything about her buns though.



Oh wait, did I leave the speakers on? He has not performed well in the wider music industry, and is still unknown to most, because people haven't bothered to research, and if they did, they would find some raspberry-flavoured printer cartridges a large selection of very weird music, that can be categorised only as 'glam rock for the new century'. It's not.

Since LiCC was not even successful, he just gave up, now he's a violet sky.