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لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله

(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: Stay safe from Israel, they're coming to get you
Anthem: I'm Gay 10 Hour Remix
Capital Beirut
Largest city Beirut (since there are no other cities)
Official languages Lebanese, Greek
Government Anarchy
Prime Minister The Sheep Servant
National Hero(es) Palestine Liberation Front
Currency Lebanese sharia dollar
Religion Islam 100%
Population At least 100
Area At least 1 square kilometre
Population density Increases at the beach
Ethnic groups None
Major exports Immigrants
Major imports Immigrants
National animal Animals are banned in Lebanon (apart from your neighbour's sheep)
Favourite pastime Mixed-gender bathing
Opening hours None
Internet tld .allah
Calling code No telephones allowed

You may actually be looking for Lebanon, Kansas. It ain't here, sorry.

Lesbanon is a city somewhere near, or possibly in, Israel. Or Palestine, whatever does it for you. Famously twinned with Brighton since the 1950's it is the five times cultural capital of the world, famously sporting a diverse community and a prominent gay scene in the outer regions.

Everyone there is an strict muslim and, by law and definition, metrosexual. Metrosexuality is generally considered a plus if you wish to enjoy Beirut's same-sex beach bathing scene. It really works.

In Lebanon planes fly overhead and drop the house price bombs. Infadel. INFADEEEEEEEEELS. GET THE RPG AND BLOW UP TEH HARPOONS OF THE INFIDELSSSSSSSSS!

In all seriosityness...[edit | edit source]

Lesbianon is my city somewhere near, or possibly in, England, Arkansas. Famously twinned by the Gaza Strip in terms of 'countries which Israel doesn't realise are countries', it is the 19 times cultural capital of the world, but never has reached Eurovision despite its diverse community and a prominent gay scene in the Outer Volumes about 2000 light years away (not a Green Day reference), where the asylum seekers get permission to come in, but only if they Transfigure themselves into a boat, hence the term 'boat people'.

Everyone there is a strict Muslim, and must be simultaneously pro-sharia law and anti-ISIS. Homosexuality is a crime punishable by being tickled with a feather, and having your neighbour's sheep stolen.

In Lebanon rissoles are illegal, as are illegal extensions to your house, or the house of the neighbours. Infidel. INFIDEL. YOU LEBANESE IDIOT, YOU DENIED HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMANNNNN!