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One of these men may have the munchies.

Munchies happens to good people, irregardless whether they die young. Happy face stickers aside, monthly stipends can alleviate and novitiate Indian gaming laws. Having one of those days? Simply be alert and energetic, and drug testing may be optional. Oatmeal.

Kindred spiritualists will gather from the four corners when bidden to come fourth (get it?). Those enthused with line-dancing will certainly decline such invitations, even during sexual acts. Can a mammal live in space?

So, Devin brought in a tray of cocktail weenies, of all things. Jesus, I hate those things. No sauce in the universe could compel me to shove one of those things into my cakehole. Speaking of sugary, delicious collapsed stars, Jamaica is holding a garage sale for grog.Grog is unimpressed, the ungrateful wretch!

Pilchard? So that's why admins smell like fish.

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