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The patriots' wiki

Patriotism is a fallacy perpetuated by Xenu and the almighty council of the Milky Way. In Unversal terms, it refers to "the belief that your home planet is greater than any other in existence regardless of military prowess, wealth or stuff like that".

Wars have been waged over the right to remain silent patriotic, though most advocates were shot in a rather gory battle many years ago; a battle that spanned many nations and micronations to bring peace to the Land of Nod. Xenu probably wouldn't have approved, though it is thought he was playing cards with Colonel Sanders at the time. Can't get enough o' that finger lickin' chicken!

Patriotism today[edit]

Modern patriotism mostly occurs among parrots and very small beetles that wear no pants.

Expatriates are known as ex-parrots. Ex expatriates are just typos.