Peri-Apocalyptic Fanged Deli Meats

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During the 83 days of the Apocalypse, as valkyries rode astride their winged steeds, and the spawn of Satan roamed the Earth with dark intention, and zombies rose from their graves, Peri-Apocalyptic Fanged Deli Meats played a small but important role the devastation of humanity and its works. Pockets of survivors fled to doomed locations situated near irradiated grocery stores, and fell prey to mutant ravenous luncheon comestibles.

Cardinal reproductions of mushrooms was disallowed by the Queen, as Her Majesty preferred to view mustaches accompanied by bagpipes. Under a veil of open dialog, a to-be-canonized Xavier: Renegade Angel prepared to demonstrate his spiritual powers on surly school children. Facing the conundrum of Christian Science being based on the antithesis of science, he would face west when ministering to the sick of soul. Surly frogs were gathered by simple townsfolk.

Meanwhile, back at the apothecary, beakers bubbled and tumblers tumbled to the beat of heterodox orthopedic punk music played by simian minstrels from Canada. Sasquatch satchels squandered their reserves by flaunting Xaviers multi-fluted flutening. As serotonin reuptake was slowed, pansy little buffoons of all colors danced fanatically around blue fires. Oddly enough, several butchers aprons.

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