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The Holy Eye of Kaizum represents cabbagey goodness

The principle of Kaizuming has a long history, all of which is hidden. What is known is that it has something to do with quantum physics

Kaizuming, or Kaizu May as it it pronounced by practitioners and adepts, incorporates elements of Kabbalah, alchemy, magic, modern physics, palmistry, Motobu Ryu, Zim, the works of Carlos Castaneda and the smoking of extremely fine weed.

During the French-Spanish Illiteracy Wars of 1766, regional Qaut Qaut commissions were undertaken by such luminaries as Benjamin Franklin, Aldous Huxley and Jesus. Most notable of qualities were their cabbagey goodness.

Super Prophets![edit]

When the Super Devil[1] was discovered in the early new millenium, Hitler was aligned with the Legion of Doom in a plot to assasinate Jesus. For purposes of illogic, it soon became clear that there is a need for a Super Jesus. Thus it was that Illogicopedia took it upon itself to shoulder that load, and invent Super-Jesus.

Out of deference to the second-most populous religious sect on our planet, the Muslims, there should be a Super-Mohammed[2] in the offing.

Parallel Worlds?[edit]

Like soap bubbles, Qaut Qaut makes itself known through what it is not, inasmuch as anything is nothing. When contemplating such things, it is best to hyperventilate until on the verge of passing out... we'll wait... be careful...

OK, now each time-atom splits into two universes. Each of these has a central support pillar and four flavors of pork. When a person is split off in such a manner, a great howling begins off in the woods somewhere, and divorced from utility truncheons, are now free to marry gays in whichever state allows it, depending on the particular universe. Inhabitants of the Stripey Solvent-smelling Green Universe, for example, molt continuously. When the Universe collapses, the fourteen white horses come and rescue the world because their grandfathers told them to. They have orange mane and peanuts for hooves. They are so loud that you can hear them for a while.


  1. Equipped with a motorcycle and a jar of marmalade that forces you to commit adultery. see Family Guy
  2. I wonder if it's allowed to draw pictures of Syper-Mohammed?

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