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appears to be the number 10 inside two concentric circles. However, it is actually a kind of hex used by incubi and succubi to summon Satan or one of his books to assist in bringing an unsuspecting human to them. As it is an insane hex, it must be restrained within two circles to prevent it from escaping and wreaking havoc.

Consequences of a loose ⓾[edit | edit source]

If ⓾ is not encircled, it uses its appearance to its advantage. It sneaks out of the house into dark alleys pretending to be 10, thus concealing its dastardly plans. Once inside the dark alleys, it takes the form of a highly colourful mushroom, often with rainbow colours to better appeal to gay people. When someone happens to wander into the alley, they have a tendency to eat this mushroom; this is when the real trouble begins.

The ⓾ mushroom acts rather like a combination of LSD and space-time holes. Everything becomes rainbows, sweetness and light, and the rainbows pick up lightsabers to fight to the death with the fabric of time and space, which results in many wormholes through which white rabbits run carrying worms to safety from evil sheep and chess pieces. If the rabbits do not escape in time, they find themselves transformed into demons with horns, pointy tails and glowing red eyes.

Who can use ⓾[edit | edit source]

Only incubi and succubi can properly prevent this from happening. If a human attempts to form the circles, the ⓾ will manage to escape, though the only damage it will cause is to the dishes and cutlery; it will shatter all the plates in a large pile on the kitchen floor, and bend all the spoons into strangely arousing shapes. However, if an incubus or succubus encircles it - as is the status quo - it may spin a few plates and thus appear autistic, but it will not harm anything.

Humans cannot use ⓾ because they are not supposed to be summoning Satan anyway. They are supposed to be reading the Bible and praying to God like good Christians, and if God sees them sneaking off and fiddling with ⓾, He gets annoyed with them.

Proper usage of ⓾[edit | edit source]

As was said earlier, ⓾ is used to summon Satan or one of his books. This is usually to assist the incubus or succubus with finding a human to sprinkle glitter on; however, it might also be just because they needed a good book or a hug. (Not that trying to get the devil to hug you is particularly effective - he will just think you're crazy, which you probably are.) Satan whispers in humans' ears that they need someone to sprinkle them with angel glitter, and they only find out too late that it's actually devil glitter. The books often have good advice in them of one sort or another, but often they only run around barking.

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