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b0rked is 1337 speak for something that doesn't work.

List of things which are B0rked[edit | edit source]

  • Microsoft
  • A computer calculating Pi to the last digit
  • Your face! Hiiiiya Kung foo
  • Chairs with two legs
  • Houses with no walls
  • Visibility cloaks
  • Tuna soup on Tuesdays
  • Cats on Sunday
  • Marmite and Tomato Source
  • Doctor Who after we know his name
  • Harry Kim on Star Trek Voyager
  • Three digit ISBN numbers
  • Playing N64 games on your PC without a joystick (damn this keyboard!)
  • Desert Slugs
  • The Internets
  • Clocks with no hands
  • Millipedes with no feet
  • Spiders not in webs
  • The French
  • French people
  • French food
  • Windows Vista
  • Captain Picard with hair
  • Blue sunflowers
  • Studio executives and/or English professors