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To be confused with Guatemala due to its microscopic size.

“Where? You mean there? That's Guatemala!”

$500 says that you can't see it.

“No, you need to look with a microscope. (mutters) Douche.”

El Salvador is - wait, where did you say it was again? I can't see it.

Alright, so grab you microscope and look at the very bottom of Mexico.

Okay... very bottom... that's El Salvador?

(annoyingly sarcastic) Nawwww, it's Cuba!

Really? But it says "El-"



El Salvador is an astoundingly tiny Medieval kingdom located somewhere between Middle Earth and your mom's house. Due to it's gargantuan Northern neighbor, Guatemala Mexico, El Salvador is multiplying like bacteria in a Petri dish to maintain a powerful army. Plans for expansion and eventually total conquest of America Central™ have been hanging around for over 100 years, primarily due to the constant shortage of queso fresco, pupusas, yucca frita, and bistek encebollado. El Salvador's leaders are considering adding quetzals from Guatemala to their diet. War, anyone?


There's a reason why El Salvador translates to The Savio(u)r (and why they celebrate their day of independence a day before all other Central American countries): they fought harder and more effectively than all the rest!

Makes you wonder why they're actually the only Communist country in Central America... No, Cuba is not a Central American country! XY: Yes it is. Only Canada, USA and Mexico are North American.


A boatload of volcanoes, 65% of the entire damn country is covered by rainforests, is right next to the Pacific Ocean for some killer waves, and whatever isn't a volcano is a mountain, tons of Mayan temples that get mistaken for mountains because of their huge size.

Notable People from There[edit]

  • Hasn't this article made it clear already as to is the only notable person from there? THIS GUY!!!