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"Anti-Earth" is the name given to the alternate universe where persons such as Wallace Intrubé, 'Balafalafa' and "The Ginger" could, in theory, exist. It is simultaneously the mental propagation of users Specsy1, Cpt.Zauber, Swithun.92, Tectsylum and Sammy12345, and theoretical reality (see "Oxymorons"). In other words, it is entirely imagined, but because the theory of alternate universes technically allows anything to exist, albeit in other worlds, Anti-Earth almost certainly exists, in a parallel universe.

Anti-Earth is not intended to be the opposite of earth or contain any values specifically antagonistic to the world we currently know as Earth, or even better, The Universe. It is simply the name given, and logically, if anything can exist, there will be a universe where the above is existent, and the inhabitants have named it "Anti-Earth".

History[edit | edit source]

The entirety of Anti-Earth's history does not exist (but to be fair, in records, nor does our own); but this is mainly because the minds of five unfortunate souls mentioned above cannot hope to fathom an entire universe. That being said, it is also entirely possible that only the parts these members have records on actually exist, and so they would give a complete picture, but owing to the fact the users choose to preserve familiar laws such as time and space, they have been forced to concede that they do not know the entirety of their own designed universe.

What so far consists of Anti-Earth's history includes geological shifts which brought Lancashire from the equator nearer to the north pole, the early conquest of the entire world by the Catholic Church by successful crusades; its collapse shortly after; 17th century restriction of firearms to the wealthy and powerful; and most importantly, the rise of VFD.

Dominant population[edit | edit source]

The dominant population of the world is, as far as they believe, humans, but several other forces, such as wizards, witches, werewolves, vampires and badgers also have a secret but significant hold over world powers. For example, Wizard Oreon and Magician Tunnok have exploited the world's resources to stage a deadly ongoing battle which has lasted over sixteen thousand and three years. English scientists are also wondering whether to devolve inhabitants of Sabden - 'Sabdenites' - into their own race, due to several physical and mental deformities and unsuccessful communications. Conscious of the ongoing threat to the environment, Australia was officially declared a radioactive zone by politicians after lengthy and voluminous lobbying, prompting the mass clear out of its entire human population. Instead, wizards under Sorcerer Swithun converted the sub-continent into a vast nature reserve to be protected from the final apocalypse

Main political forces[edit | edit source]

Freedom of the press is not guaranteed or even promised in most of Anti-Earth, but the uncompromisable power of the visionaries of this world allow them to determine that the ruling powers include The Mafia, the Baudelaire estate, VFD, the wizards, Sabden and the Soviet Union.


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